Vision and Mission

The vision of St. Joseph’s college is to impart higher education in a Christian atmosphere to deserving students, and those belonging to the Catholic, Christian Communities and those belonging to the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and OBCs and thus help in the diffusion of knowledge and advancement of educational activities in all its branches including vocational, technical, professional, cultural, social and moral education. (cf. Memorandum of Association 3 a. b.)

The mission of St. Joseph’s College is to form men and women who are intellectually alert, morally upright, religiously oriented, socially conscious, culturally distinct and nationally integrated.

In order to realize this mission, the College has set the following objectives:

  • Help the students become men and women of character, with sound moral principles
  • Help them men and women committed to life-time learning
  • Help them make a harmonious blend of faith and culture
  • Help them strive continually after excellence in every field
  • Instill in them the spirit of unselfish service of their brothers and sisters and sensitize them to current socio-economic, political and cultural issues
  • Provides an education that is socially relevant and useful for life