Students’ Council

The Students’ Council is made up of student representatives and the Directors. While the student representatives are appointed by the Principal. The Students’ Council is an important component in the organizational structure of the college. Various student activities of the College are organized and coordinated by the Students’ Council. It ensures that every section of the student body takes part in the life and activities of the College. Elections are held at the beginning of the academic year according to the rules and regulations of the College and all students are expected to render full cooperation to the Students’ Council and all its activities.

Those entrusted with the responsibility of an office in the College should endeavor to prove themselves worthy of their task, especially so the elected members of the Students’ Council. They should never forget that, in a great measure, the spirit of the student body depends on their leadership. They should, therefore, be an example of loyalty and devoted service to their fellow students. They should work closely with the College authorities, proving themselves cooperative. The class Representatives are responsible for the order and discipline of the class. A team of two staff members are appointed as Staff Directors and advisers to the Students’ Council.


PRESIDENT 17486 BA  E 5TH SEM MR. Chumtiba S Sangtam
VICE-PRESIDENT 17853 BA  H 5TH SEM MR. Nunese Sale
GENERAL SECRETARY 18512 BA  D 3RD  SEM Mr. Zijamo A Jami
JOINT SECRETARY 17146 BA  B 5TH SEM Mr. Hinakha Zhimo
CULTURAL SECRETARY 17074 BA  A 5TH SEM Ms. Pongkam Konyak
GAMES AND SPORTS SECETARY 171419 BSc 5TH SEM Mr. Longvaii Y Biichem