St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) organizes Fresher’s Day, 2019

St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Jakhama organized its Annual Fresher’s Day, 2019 on 22nd June, at the college Indoor Stadium. The programme started at 10 AM with the arrival of Shri Vikepelhou Lucas Meyase, Retd. Director of School Education, Nagaland as Guest Speaker. Rev. Fr. C. Joseph led the invocation followed by Welcome song by the hostellers. Delivering his welcome note, Fr. Dr. Sebastian Ousseparampil, Principal stated the occasion as a ‘Momentous Day’ and he welcomed the nearly 1600 freshers who joined the college this year. He also welcomed all the other dignitaries and especially the Jakhama villagers and termed them as people who have always been there “through triumphs and tragedies.” He concluded exhorting the freshers that today they have entered into the world of opportunities. Then the Eastern Naga Josephites took the stage with their spectacular folk dance.
Speaking on behalf of the seniors, Mr. Veihrunu William Ramai said, “Welcome Home to the great family” of the Josephites. Then the interesting part of the programme followed which was introduction of the freshers by their respective CRs/VCRs which was followed by another heart-beating move from the famous dance crew of the college, Fancy Swaggers.
Delivering his speech, Vikepelhou Meyase started saying that he felt fresh amidst the fresh ones and his spirit is emboldened. He said that he is retired but not abandoned. He congratulated the college for the many achievements it has achieved especially the recently status of Autonomy. Bringing back his memories, he said that back then a simple pass or a 3rd Divisoners could hold down any good job. But not so now as “the world is passing through troublous times” and that the students of today need to be competitive. He encouraged the students to be good citizens of the land. He said, “aim high, cooperate with the rules and regulations of the institution” and to achieve the many goals they have set, the answer is in their hands.
After the Freshers’ Voice from Mr. Talimoa and Echungbeni, vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Aloka A. Awomi. The programme was hosted by Mr. Hinakha Zhimo and Ms. Enny Sekhose which concluded with college anthem.