Spring Fest begins at St Joseph’s College

The 8th Spring Fest organised by St Joseph’s College (autonomous) Jakhama, began on Friday under the theme “Honouring Roots”.
Guest speaker, director, Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA), Dr. Hovithal Sothu, called on the students not to be shy about their roots and origins whatever way it might be.
Stressing on the theme, Dr. Sothu said one way to honour one’s roots was to take the good values of the culture and make them grow. While another way to honour it was to let go of the unpleasant practices followed in one’s culture and traditions. He urged them to continue following the good and pleasant things at the same time leave the rest behind.
Expressing his appreciation over the cultural diversity and management of such events by the students, Dr. Sothu exhorted them to keep up such good habits of living together in unity and peace in-spite of the differences.
Pointing out the end product an ideal student should be, Dr. Sothu encouraged them to be assets of the society and not liabilities which would in turn make them good citizens and also help them achieve their dreams.
In the welcome note, college principal, Fr. Keduolhou George, said the spring fest was one of the most powerful and significant platforms to honour one’s roots.
He highlighted the importance of the fest where traditional and cultural practices are replicated and showcased to the highest possible representation.
The inaugural was hosted by Dziesekielie Seyie and Pusatonu Angela Meze while vice principal, Fr. Obed invoked God’s blessings.
During the two-day fest, there will be various traditional activities including Naga wrestling, bamboo pole climbing, pork fat eating competition, rooster catching, bamboo stilt walking, go-kart race etc.