Sociology Gives Back

The department of Sociology, St. Joseph’S College (autonomous) Jakhama in keeping with the tradition of the department carried out its annual Society Gives Back day on the 29th of April 2022. This day was marked with the participation of the 6th Semester UG students and 4th Semester PG students along with our HOD, Dr. Medonuo Pienyü, UG Co-ordinator, Madam Alibo Achumi and the faculty members of the department.


The two beneficiaries of 2022 Sociology gives back goes to twenty households in Jakhama village of which includes, some widows, widowers and orphans respectively. This selection was specially carried out in consultation with the village authorities and the students body of Jakhama village. A sum of rupees three thousand was given to each of these households.

The second beneficiary goes to the Operation Rescue Child Care Project NGO based in Dimapur that works for the upliftment and protection of children in Nagaland.

The experience of extending a little help by coming to the rescue of those most in need in our society is one of great satisfaction and consolation. Thus our role is to try and uplift the downtrodden in our Society. This is what led the department of Sociology to carry on this practice of giving something back to the society at the end of our three years college studies. This is an occasion for the students to understand and get in touch with the struggles our society is facing in the real world outside the confine of our small books. The general feeling of contentment is what filled the giver and the receiver at the end of this event.