SJC (A) Jakhama observes ‘Theatre Day’

To instil theatrices in the students of literature, the department of English, St. Joseph College (Autonomous) Jakhama Saturday organised the “8th Theatre Day” on the theme, “Treasuring the Unique Indian Literature Identity” at the College Indoor Stadium.
A press release by the college stated that at the programme, BA Sem. II ‘C’ performed “Abhijana Shakuntala” by Kalidasa. BA Sem. II ‘D’ put up “The Battle of Kurukshetra (Mahabhrata)” by Vyasa. BA Sem. IV ‘C’ enacted “The English Teacher” by R.K Narayan while BA Sem. IV ‘D’ put up “Mricchakatika: by Sudraka. BA Sem. VI ‘C’ performed Bhimayana by BR Ambedkar while BA Sem. VI ‘D’ put up “Devdas” by Sarat Chandra. MA Sem. II performed “The Rise of Sivahami (Bahubali)” by Anand Neekalantan while MA Sem. IV enacted “Untouchable” by Mulk Raj Anand.
The winner was MA Sem. II while BA Sem VI ‘C’ and BA Sem. VI ‘D’ emerged as the first and second runners-up respectively. Votsolu Tunyi of MA Sem. II bagged the title of “Best Actress” while Rokoto Khate of MA Sem. II got the title of “Best Actor” for his role play as Bahubali.
The programme was hosted by Mangosalu and Lulu; the invocation led by Sister Salomy CMC, Mme; short address by coordinator, Department of English, Zulusenla Jamir; special performance by Malvin Solo; HoD, James H.K gave away the prizes to the various winners after which vote of thanks was proposed by Leiwang W. Wangsa.

Students of SJC (A) Jakhama at the “8th Theatre Day”.