Open forum discussion & consultative meeting at St. Joseph’s College

First inter-departmental open forum discussion was organised by St. Joseph’s College Jakhama, department of sociology and department of sociology and economics on August 11 under the topic “educational system in Nagaland” at the college indoor stadium.
According to the organisers, the main objective behind the discussion was to find out the defects as well as measures to improve the educational system prevailing in Nagaland.  The speakers talked about the qualification of teachers, non-detention policy, NIOS, syllabus of higher secondary schools, role of NGOs and pressure groups, relation between education and technology, etc. The programme was chaired by assistant professor, St. Joseph’s College, Kelengol Neikha and ended with a vote of thanks from the chairperson
Consultative workshop on ‘emerging challenges in community health’
St. Joseph College Jakhama and Development Association of Nagaland (DAN) conducted a consultative workshop on “emerging challenges in community health” on August 8, at St. Joseph College’s Conference Hall, Jakhama.
The programme was organised with an objective to reflect and understand the status of healthcare in the state; to gather knowledge on addressing the issue of health care in the rural areas of Nagaland; and to develop a network at the state level to initiate, establish, support and nurture community level initiatives to build competence in health.
Keynote speaker, directorate of family & health welfare, additional director, Vikiye deliberated on the challenges faced in the state in community health focussing on three major points, the aspects of mental health, finding ways to prevent disabilities, and enhancing people’s capacities to cope with chronic conditions.
A panel discussion on the topic “opportunities and challenges in implementing healthcare initiatives in rural Nagaland” was moderated by St. Joseph College, Jakhama, principla, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Ouseparampil. The panellists included SPO, RNTCP, Dr. K.T. Lotha; additional project director NHP, Dr. Atoshe Sema; SPO, NVBDCP, Dr. Kevichusa; Dr. Sheila from WHO; State Immunization Officer, Dr. Visasieo Kire; Kingson Shimray from UNDP; director, CIHSR, Dr. Sedevie; Dr. Longri Kitchu from UNICEF; Ville Rhetso from Family Planning Association of Nagaland (FPAI) and director, DAN, Rev. Fr. S. Charles.
 Representative from NSF, Chavara Home, Holy Redeemer Health Centre, and students of St. Joseph College, participated in the programme.  The points that emerged from the discussion includes the need of constant communication, sharing of information, collaboration and coordination between different stakeholders; the importance of including health education in the school curriculum; involving churches from the beginning of the program, and to harness the rich resources of social capital in our society.