National Science Day observed under the theme “Integrated approach in Science and technology for sustainable future”

St. Joseph’s College Autonomous Jakhama.
Report on: National Science Day
Theme: Integrated approach in Science and technology for sustainable future.

Day: Monday 28th February, 2022.
Time- 1:13-3:00Pm.
Place: St. Joseph’s College Autonomous Jakhama.
Host: Vinika Sumi and Nungshimar.
Speaker: Dr. Fr. Suresh SDB, Principal Don Bosco College Kohima (DBCK).
Rapporteur: Keshoyhun semy and Ruokuoneinuo Zhale.

Dr. Fr. Suresh SDB is the principal of Don Bosco College Kohima. He did his PHD in
chemistry. He is a person who achieves great enthusiasm and holds great responsibility with
impressive attitude towards everything in life.
The celebration of National Science Day is held on february 28 each year to mark the
anniversary of India’s greatest discovery the ‘Raman Effect’. India’s great scientist, CV Raman,
invented the ‘Raman Effect’ on this day and won a Nobel Prize in the year 1928. The first
National Science Day was celebrated on February 28,1987.
Raman Effect: The Raman Effect as brought out by CV Raman states that when light transverse
in a transparent medium or material, some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength.
This phenomenon is now called Raman Scattering and it is the result of Raman Effect.
The objective of observation of the National Science Day is to spread the message of importance
of science and it’s applications among people and also to educate us further towards the role of
science and various technologies.
*Dr. Fr. Suresh was the speaker and he was able to deliver his speech and materials, well-
organised and professionally with the most simple terms to all the audiences.
*The programs started at 1:13 Pm. The attendees included all the science students of various
departments(Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematic), respected guest of honour
Dr. Fr. Suresh, Fr. Peter solo(Dean of Science), Fr. George(Principal of St. Joseph’s College
Autonomous Jakhama) and all the teaching staffs of science department.
*The programe started off with two amazing hosts, Vinika and Nungshimar.
*The lecture started at 1:30 Pm by the speaker. Dr. Fr. Suresh shared a brief talk on ‘Sustainable
Development’. He began explaining what a sustainable development is, which means the ability
to sustain, i.e., the use of resources in such a way that can allow for them to be reuseable Or

continue to exist. He mentioned several points and explained each of these points in an easy and
helpful way. Dr. Fr. Suresh also talked about what leads to an unsustainable development, by
briefing us the different types of points, i.e., the global warming, population growth, wastage of
food, use of plastics etc. He then suggested the various criteria for a sustainable development
which includes the environmental protection, economic development and social development.
*Next, he talked about the 3 pillars for a sustainable development which was the Science and
technology, governance and management and the education and civil society. His explanation
was very brief and easy to understand.
*Dr. Fr. Suresh also talked about how the role of science and technology plays an important role
to a sustainable development which can be seen as of today, with the growth of reutilization and
recyclability which are helping in promoting science and contributing to our mother
*Last but not the least, he adds the topic which says, ‘Technology can save the planet’. He
concluded his topic briefing about how the evolution of technologies has bring about a broad
change in helping our mother earth such as in less depletion of resources, less global warming,
healing of the ozone hole etc. He encourages us to make choices responsible for sustainable
*After the speech, there was the Science Inter Dept Quiz Competition session held at the college
indoor stadium which was led by Sir. Seyieneizo (Assistant professor and supervisor for the sixth
semester’s from the department of physics). Three attendees from each department actively
participated during this session which was very exciting and competitive. The audiences were all
highly interested, cheering for their respective departments and were great listeners as well
during the session.
*My final remark about this programe:
The programe was very interesting and it has given us alot of information towards sustainable
development and what must we do to contribute something helpful with our utmost capacity for
our mother earth for a better and sustainable future. Dr. Fr. Suresh was very punctual from the
start till the end. We are very priviledged to have given our time and to witness such programe.
I’m sure everyone has learnt something out of it and will continue to make the best use of our
knowledge and resources forward for a better future.

Jakhama, 28th Feb, 2022

Dept. Of Physics