The College has a library with over 19,747 books. They include books from different departments, reference books and general books. Additions are made to the library every year. Students are to comply with the rules and regulations of the library. The library holds Encyclopaedias, Year Books, Dictionaries, Directories, Handbooks, Manuals, Geographical Resources, Journals both national and international, Bounded volumes of the journals and encourage reading for pleasure, self-discovery, personal growth and the sharpening of intellectual curiosity. The library is in the process of digitalization and students will be enabled to have access to all these academic and general books that will keep them engaged.

Annual budget is allocated for every department to purchase the needful books and each department is required to update and make it relevant with books on the latest and relevant topics.

   Monday to Friday : 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
   Saturday : 8.30 am to 12.30 pm

1. Students should submit the Identity Card to the Librarian
before entering the library.
2. There are three sections in the Library.
            (1) Magazine, Journals and Newspaper Section: These are to be read in the Library Reading Room.
           (2) Reference Section: Reference books are to be referred in the library itself.
           (3) Stack Section: Students can borrow books only from the stack section.
3. Every student will be given two Borrowing Cards in the first year and they will be valid until the final year.
4.  A student may borrow two books at a time by surrendering his/her borrowing card.
5.  A student may borrow books only for a period of 10 days.                         

6. If a student wants to retain a book after 10 days, he/she must renew it by submitting it to the librarian and get it reissued.
7. If a student fails to return the book after 10 days, a fine of Rs. 1/- will be imposed for every day from the date of expiry until the book is returned or renewed.
8.  A student may reserve a borrowed book and it will be issued to him/her immediately after it is returned to the library. A reserved book cannot be renewed.
9. If a book is lost, torn or damaged, the full cost of the book will be recovered from the concerned student. In addition, a fine will be imposed.
10. No student may borrow a book using another student’s borrowing card.
11. No books will be issued to students found guilty of misusing the library facilities constantly.
12.  Books may be applied for only on slips provided in the library.
13. If a student loses a borrowing card, it must be reported to the librarian and a duplicate may be issued on payment of a fine.
14. Strict silence is to be maintained in the library at all times. Books will not be given out after the beginning of the issue of admit card. However, students may continue to use the library until the last working day, provided books are referred to in the library itself.
15. Non Josephites are not allowed to borrow books from the Library. 

Journals available:    60
Magazines:     32
Newspapers: Local – 2
National – 2
e-resources: 1. N-List(National Library and Information Service for Scholarly Content)
2. National Digital Library
3. Sage E-Journals

Circulation Desk

Reference Section

Journals and Magazines Section

E-Resources Section

Stack Section 1

Stack Section 2
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