Igniting Heritage: St Joseph’s College 9th Spring Fest 2023

A two-day long celebration of 9th Spring Fest 2023 of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Jakhama commenced at the college campus under the theme ‘Igniting Heritage’ on March 10.

Gracing the first session as the guest speaker, Rev Dr Chingmak Chang, secretary, Eleutheros Christian Society Tuensang expressed happiness over the concept of Spring Fest, which enables the young people to exhibit their talents. “I think that is very unique in itself,” he said.

He said that young people are the spring in their lifetime, adding that “this is the season where you have to prepare yourselves.”
He said that companies around the world are beginning to see that the employees whose characters are reliable. In this, he called upon the students to build up their character to secure a successful life. “You ought to build up your character,” he said and also told the students to be honest and hardworking person

SJC (A) Jakhama, Principal, Dr Fr George Keduolhou Angami stressed on the need to “ignite our heritage because heritage is our birth right.” Stating that heritage is our custom, tradition, beliefs, folklores, culture, unity and harmony, he said “solidarity is our team spirit as Josephite.

He maintained that Spring Fest is a celebration of heritage and celebration of young people. “Every time we celebrate Spring Fest, we write our history,” he said.

“History is important because in history, we see our identity and in our identity, we see our culture and tradition and in our culture and tradition we see our heritage,” he said.

For this, we are here to celebrate our heritage, he said adding “Let us (Josephite) ignite our heritage with music, dances, laughter.” If we don’t ignite our heritage today, tomorrow may not come, he added.

The first session was followed by special performance from Gideon Kithan, Vengopa Chuzho, Abdon Mech, Pipers- Assam Rifles, 5 Minutes Band, SJC Dance Club and Ethnic Future.

Day one event was also marked by traditional fire making, war cry, folk dances, spicy snail eating competition, modern dance, bamboo walk, art competition and Go cart race.

Day 2 (March 11) event will start from 9:30 AM onwards.

It will feature special performance and presentation from Sunep Lemtur, Toshiakum Ozukum’s flex (Mr. India ICN Classic Physique Gold 2022), Eduversity (Powered partner), Moatila (She Taught Me to Yodel), The Blocks, Black Union, ZT Slingshot and Polar Lights.

Other highlights of the event will include; Strongest Josephite, Naga wrestling, rooster catching, beat contest, meat biting and ethnic fashion show featuring Jano Nyekha, bamboo pole climbing.


9th Spring Fest 2023 of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Jakhama commenced at the college campus on March 10