Groups and Movements


Name of the Club Model United Nation Club
Staff Incharge Ms. Lily Humtsoe
Leader Chollen Chang
NO. of Units 1
No. of students 150
Objective To create a platform for the students to enhance their public speaking negotiation and debating skills
To impart the students on global issues, multilateral, diplomacy and working of the UN
Regular Activities Organise orientation programme, participate in the workshop and conference conducted by NEIMUN (North East International Model United Nation) Organise Green Zone Campaign, Observe International Youth Day, Organic Mini-Conference


Name of the Club RRC
Staff Incharge Ms. Payal Bose & Mr. Moatangit
Leader Mr. Maoba Konyak
NO. of Units 1
Objective To spread awareness about HIV-Aids
To help the people need of Blood
Regular Activities Orientation
Blood Donation
Essay Competition
Painting Competition


Name of the Club CULTURAL
Staff Incharge Ms Alibo Achumi, Ms. Zulusenla Jamir, Mr. Sasietho Felix
Leader Ms. Mongshai Khiamniungan
No. of students All the students of the college
Objective To organise and conduct college activities
Regular Activities Organise Annual Freshers Day, Cultural Day Graduation Day and Farewell Day etc


Name of the Club Choir
Staff Incharge Ms. Lucy Kamei
Leader Monica Gogoi
No. of Units 1
No. of students 80
Objective Uplift the students practically through singing, praise and worship and provide them extra-curricular activities
Regular Activities Special NO’s during programes in the college


Name of the Club NCC Boys
Staff Incharge Avizo Richa
Leader Mangyie
No. of Units 1
No. of students 52
Objective Organise Annual Freshers Day, Cultural Day Graduation Day and Farewell Day etc
Train the students to be more disciplined teach the cadets the regimental way of life create a feeling of unity and diversity by organising all India Integration Camps
Regular Activities Common Parade
Social Workds
Attending Camps
Games and Sports
Special Camp Activities National Integration Camps (NIC)
Special Nat-Integration Camps (SNIC)
Combine Annual Training Camp (CATC)
Thal Sainik Camp
Army Attachment Camp (ATC)
Pre-Republic Day Camp
Blood Donation Camp


Name of the Club Youth Red Cross
Staff Incharge Mr. Neizosie Jude, Mr. Shamin Ahmed
Leader Mr. kachem
No. of Units 1
No. of students 30
Objective Serve Mankind
Aid the Needy
Regular Activities Orientation Workshop
participate Conferences


Name of the Club General Students
Staff Incharge Ms. Josephine, Mr. Paul Hingba & Mr. Sasietho
Leader Tokuho Francis
No. of students 241
Objective Seek, Strive, Serve
Regular Activities Conduct Fresher’s Day & Farewell Day Programme
Conduct Workshop on various topic based on skill enhancement themes


Name of the Club Women’s Forum
Staff Incharge Mrs. Thejano Fidelia & Ms. Rosa
Leader Ms. Vikali Aye (president) Akobou Lorscu
Objective To uplift the women folk of SJC
Enlighten the women folk and affirm her dignity
Enhance the outward and inward beauty of every woman
Provide a platform to promote her self-esteem and train her for a better tomorrow
Regular Activities Awareness programme on Women’s Health Hygiene Seminar on prostitutions and abortion
Seminar on Media Education
Cleanliness drive
Outreach programme to Eden Garden Children’s Home, Khuzama
Workshops on creative art, paper cutting, card, flower making, toy making, cutting and tailoring and table etiquettes and baking
Seminar on Empowering women for a better tomorrow in collaboration with the Kohima District legal service authority.


Name of the Club Career Guidance and Placement Cell
Staff Incharge Thejanou Fidelia, Zubemo Humtsoe & Fr. Dr. Anand
Leader Vishini Valentina
No. of Units 1
No. of students Everyone
Objective Provide Career guidance to the present students and arrange placement opportunities to the students of the college.
Regular Activities Seminars on career Guidance
Interactions with prominent personalities
Campus Recruitment Drives
Personality and Job Centric training program
Special Activities Job centric training
Campus Drive


Name of the Club Jesus Youth
Staff Incharge Sr. Annie, Mr. James HK
Leader Vishini Valentina
No. of Units 1
No. of students 55
No. of village Adopted 1 annually
Objective Witnessing in the fast changing modern milieu
Power of the youth reaching out to youth
Faith formation of youth and children
Use of gifts of the Holy Spirit
Missionary commitment: close interaction and collaboration among individuals, ministries and fellowship groups
Regular Activities Monday at 4.30 Rosary together with all the Jesus Youth
Tuesday Fellowships
Core Team Meeting
Special Activities Outreach Programme
Jail Ministry
Cultural Exchange Programme


Name of the Club Alumni Association
Staff Incharge Zubemo Humtsoe , Ms. Khriemenuo
Leader Mr. Meyiesel Thapru
No. of Units 15
Objective Continued contact with Alma Meter and fostering fellowship among the Alumni
Facilitate creative involvement in the progress and activities of the college
Regular Activities Alumni Award
Career guidance and Counselling
Sponsoring students from low economic background
Conduct seminar
Special Activities Alumni Get Together Cum Annual meeting
Interactive session with the final years students along with the Alumni


Name of the Club Youth Net
Staff Incharge Md. Tabrej and Mr. Moatemsu
Leader Mr. Tisachito Kajiri (BBA 6th Semester)
No. of students 11
Objective To mould students into future leaders and entrepreneurs
Regular Activities Case Studies
Business Plan Competition


Name of the Club Innovators Club
Staff Incharge Md. Tabrej,  Mr. Mhonthung Yanthan & Sr. Salomi AC
No. of students Whole college
Objective To give platform to the teachers and students where teaching and learning will be more meaningful
Regular Activities Spring Fest
Arena of Mind (Weekly column in the Newspaper, Morung Express)


Name of the Club Student’s Council
Staff Incharge Meribeni Ngullie and Lt. Avizo Richa
Leader Mr. Yanghose
No. of students 6
Objective To mould students to be leaders of tomorrow’s Society
For the interest and welfare of the students
To be responsible member of the society
Regular Activities Students’ Council Election
Leadership Training
Publication of Josephite Link
Cleanliness drive within the college campus
Promote discipline
Anti-tobacco campaign


Name of the Club Peace Channel
Staff Incharge Ms. Meribeni Ngullie and Sr. Lincy
Leader Mr. Williamse
No. of students 128
Objective To bring people together especially the youth, under the banner of “Peace Channel” to work individually and collectively to promote peace and harmony in their environment and strive toward universal peace, justice, equality and brotherhood.
Build peace and development by working together
Regular Activities Seminars on Capacity Building
Peace signature Campaign
Peace message through music
Commemorate International peace day
Observe Environment Day
Special Activities North East Youth Peace and Cultural Festival


Name of the Club NSS
Staff Incharge Mr. Zeneikho-O. Mr. Imtipong, Mr. Vilavonuo and Ms. Tiamong
Leader Mr. E. Konthung, Mr. Hoo Ahumi, Ms. Sunepjungla and Ms. Watikala
No. of Units 4
No. of students 751 volunteers
No. of village Adopted 2 villages, Jakhama (3years) and Khuzama (1 year) 2001-2014
Objective Developing the personality of students through Community Service
Develop a sense of Social and civic responsibility
Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
Practice national integration
Regular Activities Cleanliness Drive
Awareness Programs
Donating Blood
Help emergencies and natural disasters
Observing important national and international days
Special Activities Cleanliness Drive
Blood Donation
Interaction with adopted community/Friendly match with community youth
Attend Sunday service of various churches
Other/Outside Activities National Integration Camp
National Mega Camp
Adventure Camp
NSS Youth Festival
Pre- RD and RD Camps