Annual College Week held at St. Joseph’s College (A), Jakhama

St. Joseph’s College College (A), Jakhama conducted Cultural Day on 4th November which is part of the Annual College week which started on 31st Oct. 2022 at the college indoor stadium at 9:30 AM. The student’s body, management body, teaching and non-teaching staff, special invitees and other dignitaries attended the programme which is set aside for events like Acapella and Modern Dance competitions; and also the contest for Mr. and Miss Josephite of the academic year. There were participants from the ten (10) teams who competed representing their groups. Mention maybe made that the Annual college week is organized after two years due to Covid-19.

Delivering his welcome address, Fr. Dr. George Keduolhou Angami, Principal, SJC (A), said that apart from the celebrations of Eureka fest, convergence fest, spring fest, literary fest and other departmental fest and activities, the college week holding cultural day is very special. It is unique because we try to respect and honour our traditions and culture and instill the same in the minds of the students. Terming the day as a beautiful one, he quoted the famous romantic poet, John Keats’ line, “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy forever” and exhorted the students to experience this happiness and joy of the beautiful events that would take place on the stage, not only for the day but forever.

As the day drew to end, the results were declared for the events. In acapella, team Targaryen was judged as the winner while the runner-up was team Velaryon. In the modern dance, team Bolton emerged as the winner while team Lannister secured the runner-up. In Mr. Josephite, Mr. Kameidun Kamei of team Arryn won the title while the runner-up went to Mr. Tangsoi C of team Targaryen. Miss Paraniliu Nring of team Bolton was crowned Miss Josephite while the runner-up went to Miss Suruhukeli Aomi of team Mormont.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Miss Tosangla, cultural secretary, Students’ Council, SJC(A), Jakhama. It was hosted by Mr. Matung Zimik and Ms. Lideno Kikon.

The grand finals of the major games were played on Saturday the 5th of November, 2022. After which, the closing ceremony was organized and winners of the various events were awarded medals, certificates and trophies. The overall championship went to team Lannister while the runner-up went to team Stark. The annual eventful celebration concluded with college anthem at the basketball court.