On 9th February 2019, St. Joseph’s College Community Outreach in collaboration with the Dept. Of Sociology visited an Old Age Home in Meriema.

          Five lectures, Miss. Devileno, Miss. Hormila, Sir. Seyiekhoto, Sir. Tihot and Sir Lumchio Patton with 147 students visited the old age home. There were 23 elderly people of whom 5 were grandfathers and 18 grandmothers. They were excited to have them and they looked cheerful, perhaps because they could see the reflection of their grandchildren on their faces. They also had a short programme, which was started by the invocation of God blessings. Then, a short speech was given by Sir Seyiekhoto who with his speech inspired them to take bold step likes these and also love and care for their parents and grandparents. A song was also presented for them from the students. The Lectures along with the students also gave gifts to the elderly parents. They mentioned that they were happy to have them in their midst and also appreciate them taking interest to come and spend time with the old people there in the old age home.

          Light refreshment along with a photo session was followed after the program.

Looking back, it has been an enlightening experience, which has contributed to the process of our learning, maturing and growing.