6th Eco Fest celebrated by the Department of Economics

The St Joseph’s College ( Autonomous), Jakhama, Department of Economics celebrated its 6th Eco fest on 23rd of April , 2022 at the St Joseph’s College Indoor Stadium on the theme ‘Digitalization for a Sustainable Economic Growth’.
The Program commenced at 9:00 am with an invocation by Sr.Ranit , Vice Principal, Academic Affairs, SJC(A), Jakhama followed by Welcome Address from Dr Khriemenuo Pusa . A special presentation by Anmoldeep Gurung and Echungbeni Shitiri. There were four groups : Matrix Familia, The Conven, The Great Depression and De Vilfredo, each representing the UG 2nd Semester, UG 4th Semester, UG 6th Semester and the two semesters from Post Graduate as one group, respectively.
The competition commenced with Mr and Miss Economist followed by Advertisement and continued with the Extempore competition . The programme continued with the debate on the topic “Digitalization, a path towards a Sustainable Economic Development” and ended with the Currency Exhibition. After an intermission , the results were soon declared .For the Advertisement , The Coven (4thsem UG) was declared the winner. The Great Depression (6th sem UG) won the first prize for the Extempore with the Runner’s up from The Conven(4th sem UG). The winners of the Debate went to those in favour of the motion (The Conven and De Vilfredo) followed by the results of the currency exhibition which was won by The Conven(4th sem ) . Miss Vime Janet of UG 6th Semester won the title of Miss Economist of 2022, Mr Vishekhoto Khieya of UG 4th Semester won the title of Mr Economist of 2022 and Miss Nukuhlu was declared as Miss Personality. From the results , The Conven was declared as the overall group champion.
The Programme came to an end with the vote of thanks by Mr Pushing, General Secretary, Department of Economics.